1,300 MW Coal-fired Boiler SCR Assessment

Concord Environmental’s extensive experience and engineering capabilities provide owners of steam boilers burning a variety of fuels with the flexibility to customize the technology. This makes Concord Environmental’s SCR systems the equipment of choice for reducing NOx when challenged with variable fuel characteristics, fluctuating load, and high ash fuels.

Our approach to achieving lower emissions starts with a thermal evaluation of the boiler as well as analysis of the fuels the plant is burning. SCRs, which are used to facilitate a chemical reaction and convert NOx formed during combustion and ammonia into N2 and H2O, are an integral part of comprehensive air quality control systems designed to eliminate or reduce emissions from the flue gas stream. This require a comprehensive understanding of the unit design and operational specifications.

Concord’s innovative designs feature Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD) and physical modeling allowing them to provide:

Coal-fired AIG Elevation Distribution Tuning

  • Unique ash management solutions to prevent catalyst pluggage
  • Effective ammonia injection and mixing equipment allowing optimal de NOx and reduced ammonia slip
  • Proper catalyst selection for your application controlling the potential effects of increased SO3 production
  • Modularized designs for quick installation and replacement
  • Avoiding increased pressure drop improving boiler efficiency