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Ammonia Injection Grid Redesign with Mixing Baffles (Model)

Concord Environmental focuses on helping energy producers maximize plant performance and environmental compliance through independent, innovative, experience-based engineering of carbon monoxide (CO) and selective catalytic reduction (SCR) catalyst systems for natural gas-, coal-, and biomass-fired plants as well as smaller-scale reciprocating engine generator plants.

Ever tightening emission regulations and fluctuating operations require plant operators to look toward creative customized solutions that will meet emerging design and operational challenges associated with SCR. SCR is the predominant nitrogen oxides (NOx) reduction technology of choice in the power industry, with flue gas stream NOx reduction up to >90%. Concord Environmental engineers have experience with the many critical design factors that customers must consider when planning new SCR installations or retrofits to existing generation assets.

Ammonia Injection Grid Redesign Installed

Concord Environmental offers creative engineered solutions for SCR systems for a diverse range of generation assets and fuel sources. Each project begins with a complete assessment using Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD) and physical modeling followed by custom design of ductwork, reactors, support steel, initial catalyst, fans, reagent loading, storage, injection systems, startup, testing and training. Concord is a turnkey solution provider.

Concord Environmental has a wide breadth of engineering experience with fossil fuels with a range of sulfur content, including Bituminous, Lignite, and PRB coals, including petroleum coke blends, oil, gas, and biomass.


HRSG SCR De-NOx Process

HRSG SCR De-NOx Process