Flow Modeling / CFD

Baseline and Final CFD Models for Ammonia Distribution

Concord has in-house expertise in both Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD) and physical (scale) modeling. Concord Environmental frequently relies on modelling to help identify and resolve flow-related problems pertaining to reactor flow, ammonia distribution, and thermal mixing performance. Physical modeling is used when more in-depth understanding and optimization is required in regions where CFD may not be effective.

Concord uses the latest in CFD modelling and physical modeling software to identify the optimal path to achieve the customer’s desired results. Concord will recommend which problem resolution is most appropriate for the system being analyzed and define the level of performance improvement that the customer should expect.

Concord uses CFD and physical modelling for:

  • Airflow balancing through the SCR Reactor
  • Reducing localized ash build-up
  • Balancing Ammonia Injection to reduce ammonia slip and ammonia usage
  • Optimization of NOx reduction

CFD Modeling for SCR Flue Gas Distribution