About Concord Environmental

Concord Environmental, an affiliate of Concord Engineering Group (CEG), is a full-service engineering, consulting, equipment supply and construction management firm specializing in environmental solutions for the power generation industry. Concord Environmental is a turnkey solution provider, focused on helping energy producers maximize plant performance and environmental compliance through independent, innovative, experience-based engineering of CO and SCR systems for fossil fuel fired power plants as well as smaller-scale reciprocating engine generators. Concord Environmental engineers have experience with the many critical design factors that customers must consider when planning new SCR installations or retrofits to existing generation assets.

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About Concord Engineering Group

Concord Engineering Group was established in 1989 by Michael Fischette and other investors. Mr. Fischette is an industry veteran with long experience in the successful execution of large, multimillion-dollar projects with a large architect-engineering firm specializing in the design of nuclear and coal-fired electric power plants. This knowledge and experience provides the foundation upon which he founded CEG: Deliver high-quality project turnkey services while maintaining the personal attention expected by savvy clients.