HRSG & SCR Inspection

One of the most important steps in identifying SCR performance problems is to perform periodic internal inspections. These inspections can be very informative in identifying problem areas such as:

  • Large particle ash (LPA) screen pluggage
  • Ash deposition or erosion in flues
  • Ammonia injection grid (AIG) pluggage
  • Catalyst testing
  • Duct ash buildup and structural integrity.

Ammonia Pump Station and Local Controls

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Catalyst Testing
Ammonia Injection Grid (AIG) Pluggage
Structural Integrity
Performance Testing
Consulting Services
Large Particle Ash (LPA) Screen Pluggage
Ash Deposition or Erosion in Flues
Acoustic Cleaners


SCR reactors are thoroughly inspected for LPA buildup, catalyst ash accumulation or erosion, flow distribution, and catalyst cleaning evaluations (sonic horns, sootblowers, etc.). During inspections, Concord Environmental can also retrieve catalyst samples and arrange for testing with the catalyst OEM or our 3rd party testing partners. Inspections are summarized with detailed reports including photos, maps, and recommendations for improvements.

New Catalyst Installation Post Inspection

HRSG Catalyst Scaffolding and Module Inspection