SCR Performance Optimization

Anhydrous Ammonia Storage Forwarding Pumps and Local Controls

Many of today's existing SCR systems have been in operation for many years. During this time, there have been many technical and performance experience gained by users and system suppliers. Through practical hands-on experience, Concord Environmental offers a complete array of SCR optimization services to improve the operation of existing SCR systems.

Overall SCR performance is typically evaluated by SCR performance testing.  Concord offers a range of key SCR baseline or final performance testing, including:

  • NOx reduction
  • NH3/NOx distribution
  • Ammonia slip
  • SO2 and mercury oxidation
  • Pressure drop

Concord utilizes the latest appropriate EPA test methods. Concord Environmental can also provide test protocol development and test supervision when conducted by 3rd parties.

Ammonia Flow Control Unit