SCR Specification Development

SCR Physical (Scale) Modeling

Concord Environmental has experience working with SCR system suppliers, SCR/CO catalyst suppliers, and testing companies giving Concord the unique ability to provide the customer a portfolio of experience-based engineering and design services, including detailed design reviews of SCR systems and specification development.

Equipment Design

Concord provides complete SCR system design supply, specification, and installation services. We can also provide design review services for specific components, including ammonia storage and handling systems, ammonia vaporization and injection systems, control systems, reactor and flue design, and catalyst loading and handling systems.

CFD Modeling for HRSG Static Pressure

Specification Development

Concord Environmental can provide complete specification development for critical SCR components including:

  • Catalyst
  • Catalyst replacement
  • Complete SCR systems
  • Ammonia delivery system equipment
  • AIG equipment
  • Complete testing services

Concord Environmental will utilize our in-depth experience to obtain the most reliable and cost-efficient components based on your system needs.