Combined Cycle/ Simple Cycle SCR

HRSG SCR Ammonia Injection Grid Chamber

Concord Environmental has in-depth experience in the design, supply and optimization of SCR systems for both combined cycle (CC) and simple cycle (SC) power generation assets. Concord’s engineering and technology background provides the customer with a unique skillset because of its experience with all major HRSG, gas turbine, and SCR manufacturers. This allows Concord to provide unbiased, experience-based detailed design and engineering that addresses the unique requirements of your project.

CC and SC gas turbines rely on an SCR system to meet emission requirements for NOx reduction. In a SC design, hot gasses pass directly from the gas turbine to the stack. In a CC design, gasses pass through a series of tube banks to generate steam for additional power or steam users. The ammonia reagent injected just upstream of the SCR. The reagent combines with oxides of nitrogen in the exhaust gas to form nitrogen and water.

Concord Simple Cycle SCR System

Concord can provide CC and SC SCR design or services related to:

  • Aqueous, anhydrous, urea applications and delivery systems
  • SCR housing design
  • Catalyst specification, testing and replacement
  • Ammonia Injection grid design and tuning
  • CO catalyst specification and design
  • Advanced flow distribution modeling (CFD, Physical)