Concord Environmental will be exhibiting at the WTUI 2019 Conference, March 17-20 in Las Vegas.

Concord Environmental will be exhibiting at the 2019 Western Turbine Users, Inc. (WTUI) Conference, March 17-20 in Las Vegas, NV. Please visit us and learn how Concord Environmental can maximize your plant performance and environmental compliance through independent, innovative, experience-based engineering of carbon monoxide (CO) and selective catalytic reduction (SCR) systems.

We offer a range of environmental services to existing and new power plants.

Our services for an existing power plant with SCR systems include:

  • SCR Inspections & Assessments
  • NOx and Ammonia Slip Testing
  • SCR/CO Catalyst Testing and Planning
  • Gas Flow Modeling
  • Catalyst Replacements
  • Ammonia Injection Grid (AIG) Tuning
  • Ammonia and Urea System Troubleshooting

For Retrofit and New Gas Projects we offer:

  • Retrofit SCR Systems for Reduced Emissions
  • Ammonia/Urea System Upgrades
  • New SCR Systems
  • Complete Turnkey Solutions

Concord Environmental offers creative engineered solutions for SCR systems for a diverse range of generation assets and fuel sources. Each project begins with a complete assessment using Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD) and physical modeling followed by custom design of ductwork, reactors, support steel, initial catalyst, fans, reagent loading, storage, injection systems, startup, testing and training. Concord is a turnkey solution provider.